About Casino Business Strategies



Casino Business Strategies (CBS) is a B2B service launched to assist U.S. casino companies, large and small, in developing strategies to maximize revenue and profit. CBS uses new technology to gain in-depth knowledge of game performance and patron behavior. With over 30 years of experience in operations and analytics, CBS uses that knowledge to focus on key initiatives to improve the patron experience, increase the value of the patron relationship, and optimize operations to control costs and increase revenue and profits. 

Established in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Casino Business Strategies relocated to Reno, Nevada as a consulting/services practice focused on creating performance improvements within the casino gaming industry. In today’s highly competitive environment, casinos struggle to find an advantage. There are a multitude of variables that affect business performance and are frequently unrecognized or unaddressed by the casino owners/operators. With decades of experience in the industry CBS addresses those issues and brings back opportunities and advantages. That experience has resulted in the development of key traits which include the ability to envision a strategy, implement the tactics, and importantly, deliver results. For more information, please call CBS on 775-636-6600 or visit casinobs.com.